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 모델명은 "REFERENCE"입니다. 오늘은 스펙으로 바로 가려구요.

Technical specifications

•Reference loudspeakers with 8 transducers in full d’Appolito configuration
•4 x 32 cm high excursion woofers, 2 x 17 cm neodimium medium, 1 x neodimium tweeter, 1 x Ribbon super tweeter
•Massive aluminium cabinet with 6 independent closed chambers (no ports)
•Motorized angle deviation of the MTM section
•Passive 4 ways, with analogue filter for the bass section (module inserted between preamp and power amp)
•Can be connected to 6 separate monoblock amplifiers per loudspeaker
•Frequency response : 15Hz to 60kHz, 25Hz to 25kHZ +/- 2 dB
•Power handling : Bass section: 1400 W IEC (3000 W peak), Medium-tweeter section: 250 W IEC (500 W peak)
•Sensitivity : min 95dB SPL/2.83V/1m (MTM in anechoic room)
•Max SPL : 120 dB
•Dim : H1670mm x W370mm x D 560 mm
•Weight : approx. 240kg each
•Filter optimized in frequency, impedance and phase
•Full warranty: 10 years

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